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Meet Your Host X

Erica Sandquist

Dating & Life Coach

Hostess for Single Mingles & Speed Dating Events

Communication & Relationship Class Creator, Educator, and Leader

 Entrepreneur Rookie

A Queen of Hearts

Erica LVES hosting Speed Dating events, singles events, and leading communication

  & relationship classes.  She's held classes in Spokane (Washington), Minnesota, AND Venice (Florida). 

As a young mother, despite being both Dyslexic and Autistic/"Aspie" (Aspergers), she earned two college degrees in 6 years including a Master's in "Teaching & Learning".   Erica then spent 16+ years as a teacher in both St. Paul (MN) & then Seattle (WA).  Erica left teaching in 2012 to pursue being a life coach. 

Growing up in a very dysfunctional family and then watching her 16-year marriage crumble, Erica turned to the experts (counselors, therapists, life coaches, AND personal trainers) to help navigate the heartache.  Over the last 20 years, she's spent countless hours and dollars learning, discussing, reading, watching videos, and listening to audiobooks on relationships and communication.

She took her education, life coach skills, and counseling when she returned to her home state (for 5 years) to help take care of her abusive parents through their medical emergencies.  She was able to work through the process of understanding how foundational abuse affected her and how to reframe it to help her land in a healthier emotional place.

The name Erica means "ruler" or "queen". Since the early 2000s, she's been told by countless people that she's a healer. However, she always thought that meant she should've healed people by being a nurse or with things like Reiki ... which was of no interest to her.  One day, tears came to Erica's eyes when realized that she WAS healing others' hearts by sharing her knowledge, giving support, and coaching people through hard heart lessons!  

So in May 2019, Erica started teaching classes on relationships and communication PLUS started hosting events (like speed dating) for singles as well.  It was well-received in the community as people are hungry for healthy relationships and just not sure how to get there.

❤ Erica, the Queen of  Hearts, helps people become emotionally healthy for new and loving relationships. By sharing how their childhood may have affected their decisions (with patterns), clients can learn how to change courses IF they choose.  Then, by showing them the roadmap of what to expect with dating in today's world, singles are more likely to navigate the journey with joy instead of dread.